Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Making A Video for New works

In nu- works we were separated into groups. Each group was given a folder which included a prompt and role assignments. I was assigned the role of storyboard artist. This was definetly not my first choice of roles because I'm no where near a visual artist. The job wasn't too hard though. I had too draw three frames that illustrated what our group had either or done or accomplished during that week. Our group worked relatively well together. I thought there were maybe some control issues thought that might have been in response to the apathetic attitudes. It was fun creating a product that was decent, and I think that project was overall a good idea. Our movie took a really long time to film. I swear it took an hour to film one five second cut! As an end product I think our movie was pretty legit, but we did have some really "persnickety" personalities that kept everyone military formation. I think that our movie could have been better if the decision making was more evenly distributed. We were all actively involved in the creation but not in deciding the direction of the project. We filmed in places all over the school.
The Green Room....

The Hallways.... 

Overall, once again, good experience. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Watching the nuworks space projects

The past two periods that I have been in nuworks, we have been presenting and watching our nuworks presentations on space. I had a couple of glitches in my video, but atleast I didnt totally and completely fail. My favorite of the other people's presentations were Joi's and Meg's. I really liked Joi's choreography, but Meg's was really original and quirky and sort of funny. Maybe during our next project I'll put in a wee bit more effort:)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nuworks: space

About these past two weeks our nuworks class has travelled to different teachers and have had lessons on the concept of space. We learned how to experience and create space as well as finding it in our art. My favorite activity we did in the rotation was the guided imagery walk. During the time, we layed down on the floor while the teacher took us on a journey in which we took her words and transformed them into something sort of like a dream. We got to experience the space of imagination. This space is infinite and can be explored to the extent of which we wish.